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Aviation careers day

The Aviation Careers Day is an initiative of BAE Systems and RDA – Hunter’s ME Program. It forms part of BAE Systems’ ‘Advancing the Next Generation’ initiative and focuses on Year 9 and 10 students with the aim of fostering their interest in STEM careers in the aviation industry.
The event, which is being held at BAE Systems on Friday 24 June, includes a selection of ‘design and construct’ activities in which your school team will compete against the other schools in the Aeronautical Velocity Challenge as described below.
Students will also be given the opportunity to visit BAE Systems’ Williamtown facility where they will see first-hand aeronautical engineers and technicians working on some of the most sophisticated aviation equipment in the country. Students and staff will also find out about career pathways into the aviation industry through BAE Systems.
The Aeronautical Velocity Challenge is a STEM initiative focusing on addressing Australia’s shortage of scientists and engineers.
Design teams will partake in challenges including: designing, producing and dog-fighting balsa model propeller powered planes, and designing, producing and launching bottle rockets to achieve a maximum velocity whilst travelling a maximum distance. Students compete in teams of up to six to design, produce, test and evaluate their prototypes. This competition is an ideal opportunity for schools, students, teachers, community and local industry to engage in practical numeracy and literacy activities in a fun and innovative engaging environment.
During 2016 the Hunter’s Aeronautical Velocity Challenge is going to be a demonstration event only, with the hope that in 2017 a number of schools will be involved in the State Championships and will develop a number of local hub competitions.