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Anzac Memorial Walkway beautified through local collaboration

ANZAC Walk Shrubbery
Trees in Newcastle (TIN) a community-based organisation formed in 1989 by a small group of locals and run mostly by volunteers recently worked in partnership with Daracon, to propagate, nurture, and supply the plants used on the Newcastle Anzac Memorial Walkway.
This project was a win for the environment by regenerating coastal heath along the track, a win for Daracon’s commitment to the local community, and another win for the TIN propagation team.
TIN’s business model utilises income generated through bush regeneration services, nursery sales and grant funding to support a volunteer program that contributes to enhancing biodiversity across the region. Seeds collected (under licence) from local bushland is propagated and nurtured for sale to members, the community and businesses.
They are currently planning the 10th year of vegetation work in King Edward Park including a planting on National Tree Day - July 26. This year TIN hope to plant 5000 native species, and are calling on local business groups to sponsor the plants required, offering them the opportunity to not only assist the local community but also create a lasting legacy. Contributions are tax deductible when deposited through TIN’s Public Fund Account.
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