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Active nutrition

Joanne Van Der Linden
Holistic Healthcare Services
Most of us eat three meals a day, or at least two meals, plus a coffee to kick-start the morning. The foods we’re choosing to eat may be filling, quick and easy but are they really sustaining us for the longer term or giving us the benefits we need?
There are lots of ideas around today about the best way to eat. We can go to the extremes of eating only raw and nutrient-dense foods prepared in our own kitchens or to the other end of the spectrum where convenience is the only deciding factor. It really depends largely on time. Convenience is often the most important issue: “How can I get out the door by 7:30 and get to my meeting by 8:00 and still have time for breakfast?”
The selection of convenience foods available gives us food to eat so we can tick the breakfast box, but will our bodies and our brains be functioning at an optimal level when we get to our meeting to do our presentation?
The nutrition of convenience foods is most often minimal or incomplete leaving us with little support when we most need long- term sustained energy, laser-like concentration, efficientrecall and super-charged focus.
The health-centred executives have found an answer to this dilemma in their own kitchens. The recent upsurge in blender technology and use has contributed to a revolution in the “so-called” convenience food sector. The push away from carbohydrates and sugary breakfast cereals has led to new steps being taken to put health and nutrition back in focus.
They have found that it’s not hard and it won’t make you late for work.
The humble fruit smoothie has taken on a whole new look with fashionable containers and glass jars becoming all the rage with flavours and recipes benefiting from experimentation and design. Being in control of the kilojoules, ingredients and the time it takes to create a fruit smoothie is helping to lower the obesity and sluggish brain syndromes that have become a normal part of modern living.
By joining this trend you are contributing to a healthier lifestyle where the food you consume is being actively utilised by your body for your daily nutritional needs. These live ingredients will help keep you on track at work, at home and in your community.
Berry and Banana Smoothie
In your blender place:
500ml of your choice of milk
1 banana
1/2 punnet of berries
2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt
2 tablespoons toasted muesli
1 tablespoon LSA
Place the lid on firmly and press the button.
Whiz for 1-2 minutes.
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