Welcome to #HunterInnovate, a new regular section within HBR and the HBR Website.
Throughout history, humans have imagined and achieved what was once considered impossible, by combining human-centred innovation with the latest in technology. As the journey into the 21st Century continues, the pace of change and the importance of innovation are increasing exponentially.
The Hunter is building a growing reputation as centre of innovation, but the local innovation scene is however quite fragmented. At the top end, there are world-class organisations such as The University of Newcastle. But innovation permeates an extremely wide range of business activities, from large companies and business organisations down to a wide range of incredibly creative start ups that are creating a new generation of opportunities for the region.
#HunterInnovate is designed to bring together some of the great innovation success stories from the region, encourage others to embrace innovation, highlight local research, offer advice to organisations wishing to harness their creativity, promote collaboration between organisations and help further grow the reputation of the Hunter as a recognised centre of innovation excellence.
As we are very interested in covering a wide range of topics and organisations, we are happy to receive stories or story leads that may be used in future issues. Please feel free to email with any comments about #HunterInnovate, stories, leads or other information.


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